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Get your messages read in seconds. SMS messages get read faster than e-mail or other types of messages. This means that you can use our cheap bulk sms service to reach your users, and be sure that your messages will be read within seconds or minutes. Because receivers of bulk sms messages do not need internet connection, sms is a ubiquitous service that allows you to reach more people than other means of sending messages. Our fast, reliable and affordable bulk sms service, allows you to utilize these unique features to your advantage.

Effective ways of using bulk sms

Bulk sms provides a convenient way to reach many people - from a list of friends and colleagues, to hundreds, and even thousands of people. Here are a few of the many ways you can use our cost-effective bulk sms service for your personal or corporate needs:

  • Announce special events like weddings, launchings and other occasions.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Invite your church members to special programmes.
  • Reach out to members of your club or association.
  • Promote your company's products and services.
  • Send seasonal greetings to your customers or members.

Privacy policy

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Therefore, we will never sell or distribute your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.


The Bulk SMS API allows you to integrate text messaging to your application. Every request made using the API requires a key parameter. You need to be logged in to generate your key.

Note: Your generated key should be kept private and used only from your back-end. It can also be re-generated, if you need a new one.

All operations in the API use HTTP POST, with JSON as the request and response format and use the following base URL:


Sending messages

Request URL:


The following table lists the parameters required for sending messages to a list of numbers or to a group in your account. All parameters are required, except schedule.

Parameter Name Description
key Your API Key
from The name that will be displayed to recipients.
to Can be a list of numbers or group id. If sending to a list of numbers, the numbers should be separated with commas and no space between them.
recipientType This can either be NUMBER or GROUP. Specifies whether you are sending to a list of numbers or a group
message The message to be sent.
schedule The date and time the message should be sent. The format for this parameter is dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm. The time should be in 24 hour format.

Sample request JSON:

    "key":"your key",
    "to":"my numbers",
    "schedule":"31/12/2018 23:59"

Checking SMS balance

Request URL:


Sample request JSON:

{ "key":"your key" } 

Adding contacts

Request URLs:


The following table lists the parameters required for adding contacts to a group.

Parameter Name Description
key Your API Key
phoneNumbersAndBirthdays Adding Contacts: A list of the phone numbers and birthdays (optional) to be added.
groupName The group name of an existing group. Groups are created in the bulk sms application.

Sample request JSON for adding contacts:

    "key":"your key",
    "phoneNumbers":["08000000001", "08000000002", "08000000003"],
    "groupName":"new members"

Sample request JSON for adding contacts with birthdays:

    "key":"your key",
        ["08000000001", "31/12"],
        ["08000000002", "25/12"],
        ["08000000003", "14/2"]
    "groupName":"new members"

Deleting contacts

Request URLs:


The following table lists the parameters required for deleting contacts in a group.

Parameter Name Description
key Your API Key
phoneNumbers A list of the phone numbers to be deleted.
groupName The group name of an existing group.

Sample request JSON for deleting contacts:

    "key":"your key",
    "phoneNumbers":["08000000002", "08000000003"],
    "groupName":"inactive numbers"

Getting groups list

Request URL:


Sample request JSON:

{  "key":"your key" }


Price Per SMS ₦2.50
Minimum Bulk SMS Volume 500

Payment Account

Bank Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Number 0039586448
Account Name Gogo-fyneface Destiny